"betulkan yg biasa, biasakan yg betul" -(KA, 2007)

i believe that
we're currently living in
a world full of new, created & distorted lifestyle

mcm brainwash pun ade gak r.

so now, the question is:

mana satu yg betul ni?
think about ur daily activity and ask urself,
did i do what i was supposed to do?
or betul ke ape yg aku buat/lihat/dengar selama ini?
or is this ordinary? are those right?

think about it.

sebenarnya post ni agak berat tp bajet cm xberat sgt(hihi),

p/s: effect (hihi) pun ditambah utk nmpk konon2 cm xserius sgt


Plant this seed

Wherever you go,
there's always gonna be a better people out there.

Claiming that you're the best?
huh. bad idea.

naive + humble
yeah, tell these to the kids.

tapi, ego lelaki boleh buang ke?


Fresh reStart (iA)

A very happy(sejahtera) Ramadhan to you, yes you :)



Nak, amek. Tanak, sudah.

Let's say,
it has been a superb! ending for my July
but a disastrous start for my August. ouch!

howabout yours? oh, just take it or leave it.

being postponed(sigh),