say hi

i believe most people have their own Best friends.
well, apparently, i do not have one.
yup, seriously.
but, i do have a lot of Good friends out there.
yeah, let's keep it that way. it's Better.

nice knowing you guys,


All the small things

Kerana benda itu. jarang2 terjadi
saya akn igt smpai ke mati
terima kasih kepada yg memberi
terima kasih itu, kerana saya menghargai
semoga. bertembung lagi


oh the typical:


We Used To Be 'Just Alright'

dulu laen, i remembered. it was a good time tho.
skrg, there was nothing to be remembered at all. hambar.
but now, i started to think again.
how did we end up here(keadaan begini)?
wht happened between Dulu & Skrg?

terbukak album gmbar lama2 just now,