lalalala, stupid jokes, awkward feeling, terbang sana terbang sini, go go cha cha,
hectic spec mathic, teneneneng, langgarlari, mata blur, break patah, sarcastic lullaby, weird faces,
huuhaaahuuhaa, do not go near me, focus lari, kejap sana kejap sini, basah hujan, antibiotik x habes, muscle cramp, muscle cramp,

I've been acting weirdly
catching on to suddenly. . .


Maaf + + +

Blog sy xbyk pix. so, sy pon rasa cm bosan gak. n yeah, i totally agree with tht. so, i will try to critic myself as best as possible as i can.

"ape laa . boring gle. letak r pix byk2 skit. baru org seronok nk baca blog kau. x exciting r tgok blog kau. pnoh dgn words jee. org nek menyampah dah dow. lain kali try la ltak pix. baru org teruja nk baca doww. siyesly dow. laen kali ltak eh? eh? "

hahahaha. kelakar gle.


Indah Berseri-seri


START - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - END

Imagine the figure up there is the journey of our LIFE .

Well, if you look up there,
START and END is just the beginning and the ending.
We all know that.
But, no one knows what happened during the DASH.
Whether....is it
Fun? Boring? Dull? Amazing? Un-forget-able? Meaningless?
Stupid? Waste of time? Nothing? Incredible?
or maybe, there wasn't suppose to be any dash?

Therefore, it is for YOU to decide.
It is for you to make the choice. To 'decorate' those line.